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On Fire-bombs, Stories in Print, Moving to California and Comparative Awesomeness

I just got finished reading the latest edition of West Virginia South. Included in this issue (Oct/Nov) is my story, the first of The Fledge Chronicles: The Lion, the Bridge, and the Wardrobe Malfunction. I think it should be in stores and mailboxes next week.

It looks nice, and I hope people enjoy it. It appears they do plan to carry the serial for a while since above the story it says “The following is the first in a series of short stories written by S.D. Smith of Grandview.” That is exciting. Of course my very cautious nature makes me feel the need to add disclaimers like “unless they get fire-bombed because of the public outrage” to the promises of an on-going series.

I once read that Ray Romano didn’t even move his family out to California until a few years into his very popular show because he didn’t think it would last. I feel similarly. Also, I am a big star like Ray. I call him Ray. But you probably shouldn’t.

Anyway, if you see it, I hope you enjoy it. There’s a list of places you can get the magazine in the “About Us” feature at the WV South website.

There was also a short blurb in the paper (it’s not on the website) today about the magazine and my story. It helped to look past the sports page today. Ugh.

The fame from the newspaper’s four-or-five word in-depth feature has caused fanclubs to spring up virtually everywhere, but we have a confirmed case of one in Rupert, WV, very near where my mother’s presence is.

Now for some perspective.

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