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New Fledge Story Available in Stores Everywhere (Note: not available in a lot of places)

The new edition of West Virginia South is out and available at many, many area locations, some of which also offer Snickers bars. Snickers are available inside the covers of the magazine as well, and I mean the kind where you laugh in a mostly-non-ridiculing way.This is my favorite issue yet for a number of reasons. There are several interesting features, including an interview with Becky Kelly, a West Virginia-born artist/writer who does lovely drawings. The WV South editor, Audrey Stanton, shares a funny and wild experience of judging the Pocahontas County Roadkill Cook-off. For real.
It was in that article that I learned a most fascinating fact about my excellent editor. She, like me, has spent some time in southern Africa. I have enjoyed swapping a few stories back and forth and taking that trip down memory lane (a lane of dirt roads, breathtaking skies and beautiful people).My story in this issue, A Very Bad Sign, is advertised in the table of contents as “Nine Laugh-out-loud Moments —at least.” A nice compliment to what I hope is a fun read. This story is also featured in the first section of the magazine, which I am sure will lead to more people reading it. Then, if all goes well, it will lead to those readers not losing their lunch. Not in a bad way, anyway. But if you do laugh out loud a lot, I think that a certain nausea is inevitable. Maybe that’s what he meant when he said my writing made him sick. Of course. Thanks, Brandon!

Adding to the joy I found in this issue is the original illustration that accompanies my little yarn. The sketch was done by Rex Queems, an up and coming artist who I hope will be my saddle-pal for many chronicles of Fledge to come. No, “up and coming” doesn’t necessarily mean no one has ever heard of him. I hear he’s talked about on a popular blog. R.Q. is an old friend and a very gifted artists. I love the sketch he did for this story; it really manifests the character of Heck Davis. I can’t wait to see his next illustration for my next story.

A Very Bad Sign, from the Fledge Chronicles, is available now in the latest issue of West Virginia South. Consider subscribing.

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