A Child’s Imagination: Revealed

The last one is the best. So true.



  1. My son just turned 2 and he does that last one for sure (although it’s water, not what looks to be lava in that pic). He climbs up with me on the couch, then falls off and says “Oh no! Water!” and pretends to splash around, then I rescue him and bring him back up onto the couch.

    Then he falls off again. And again. And again. 🙂

  2. That last one…. are you serious?! My kids are always hopping from one thing to another to stay out of the hot lava. Is that a universal kid thing? They do make a convenient allowance that mom wears special shoes that repel hot lava; I can walk anywhere safely. ps – I love this blog.

  3. JJ: Ours too. Though lava is definitely there often as well.

    Ruthie: Thanks for piping up! I think it must be. We always played like it was lava when my brothers, sister, and I were little. My kids do it. Maybe it’s in our “racial memory” since Atlantis.

  4. As the older sister, I was not immune to the lava. I finally had to craft rules as to where and when the lava showed up. Where was mostly on playgrounds, and when was after chores were done. This only worked half the time. Sometimes that pesky lava got bored and invaded in the middle of doing the laundry and we had to save all the laundry on the couch and steal mom’s lava-repelling shoes to put it away.

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