A Good Year

It was a good one. Yes, 2014 was a wonderful year for us for so many reasons. There was pain and darkness, like always in the world as it is, but overall it felt like a year of healing and hope, of rest and new life. It was a year of surprising adventures and, as the man who loved cliches once said, dreams come true.


Last year was a year of lasting goodness. I loved it. May I have another, please? So many years end with a butcher’s bill of carnage, a catalogue of hurts that goes on and on and on. The previous few years had been heavy on hurt. 2014 had those too, but they were less effective at wrecking our hope. And we were given heaps of goodness!

I’m deeply grateful to have been on the receiving end of so much light and love, so much generosity and grace.

Thank you, whoever you are. You were probably a part of making it a special year.

Glory to God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and King Jesus who makes all things new.

I know. I know. The New Year means new heartaches. Old wounds will revisit us. New pains await us. New hurts coil in the darkness.

It is what it is…but it is not what it shall be. 

May the living God bless you all in the New Year and beyond, all the way to Kingdom come and the dawning of the True New World.



This was our family at Easter, about to burn a box of regrets. Because Jesus is alive and welcomes us into his family. We are beloved of God. 



  1. So excited to have found Green Ember on kindle! I’m encouraged reading about your family and your faith! We don’t live terribly far from you (Appomattox, VA) so I feel close already! 😉 We have five girls that are going to love reading about your rabbits! Rabbits are the only pets we have, so I foresee little swords and capes in their futures. I’m anxiously awaiting to know the next adventure! God bless you and your beautiful family this 2015! And thank you for writing such wonderful stories!

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