A Lewisian List


David Mills makes a list recommending where to begin when reading C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton –it is helpful (HT: Justin Taylor).

Chesterton is fairly new to me, so I have little to say for that part, I’ve only read a few of his books (which I have liked very much, though not with the same intensity as Mr. Lewis).

Here’s my own hasty list of favorite CSL books –for what it’s worth.

1. Till We Have Faces (the only easy choice for me)
2. Perelandra
3. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
4. That Hideous Strength
5. Prince Caspian

Not Fiction
1. The Weight of Glory
2. The Screwtape Letters
3. Poems
4. Surprised by Joy
5. The Abolition of Man

I would also recommend, along with the autobiographical Surprised by Joy, that you consider the book Jack: A Life of C.S Lewis by George Sayer.

Wow, that was pretty hard. Not like storm-the-beach-at-Normandy hard, but, you know –not precisely easy.

I didn’t think about it too much. But I see that so many could easily go up in my list, while it’s hard to send any down. Plus, it’s almost impossible not to mention others, like The Four Loves and The Great Divorce, not to mention the other Narnia books. I guess that’s what makes a great author great.

So what’s your favorite C.S. Lewis work?

Note of Disclosure: The store links are to my Amazon store. If you buy there I get a kickback. In other words –this is all about money to me.


  1. I adore Till We Have Faces despite strongly disagreeing with Lewis’ soteriological inclusivism.

    (Don’t you just love a word like “soteriological”? It’s worth all those years at college just to be able to use diction like that!)

  2. I like The Weight of Glory and the Four Loves. Has anyone read “Planet Narnia” by Michael Ward? Just curious.

  3. Okay, another vote for Till We Have Faces. But then, you knew that, since you instilled that love in my heart. I believe you gifted it to me on my 12th birthday…

  4. Loren –did that show up in TWHF? I know it’s there in The Last Battle. I still only half-understand TWHF.

    Jeff –I am very rich. In terms of cash on hand. And jewels. And stocks, bonds, junk bonds, and etcetera.

    Toni –Me too! Oh, I already said that. I haven’t read that. At some point I mean to read Jonathan Rogers book on Narnia, but haven’t yet.

    Rebecca –wow, what a good brother. And today is your birthday and what do I have for you…nothing. I still love you, however. And maybe I’ll give you one of the books Gina is begging me to get rid of (we have wayyyy tooo mannyyy). If you add letters it makes it more dramatic.

  5. Hmm. A Lewis List. Yeah, I’ll put Faces and Perelandra at the top of mine.

    I never could get into That Hideous Strength though. I understood it intellectually, but it felt a little too sprawling, especially compared to the other Space books.

    For Chesterton, I must recommend The Princess and the Goblin and The Man who was Thursday: A Nightmare. The Father Brown’s are short and clever, but mired in the discriminations of the time. His nonfiction leaves me swimming.

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