A Lovely Song: Sara Groves, “Joy Is In Our Hearts”

We love, love, love this song. Sara Groves is wonderful.

Thanks to Dave at Under the Radar for this video. If you aren’t familiar with Under the Radar, check them out. Great music and an outstanding mission to support the best, oft-overlooked singer-songwriters.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Wonderful song and wonderful singer. My family and I took the opportunity to see her along with Jenny&Tyler and Shawn McDonald at the end of January. The concert was at Wheaton Colloge. It was because of Under the Radar (and Noisetrade) that I knew most of the songs that were shared.
    Last night, we went to the Angel Band Hymns Tour with Andrew Greer and Julie Lee at Pentecost Lutheran Church in Racine, WI. It was another wonderful evening of music and sharing. We were able to talk a bit with Dave Trout after the concert. I am so thankful we took the time to go.
    So, in summary, I appreciate UTR, underappreciated singer-songwriters and the people that appreciate them.

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