A Masters in Communication Will Get You…

This is, my friends, a winner. So to speak.

Wow, Star County.


  1. I expected the current Star Cty treasurer to show up from behind a curtain and hit him with a steel chair. Then challenge him to a steel cage treasurer’s match.

  2. I didn’t know whether to go with:

    And I live in a van down by the river!


    And when Hulkster enters the ring with me, He’s going to get destroyed. Macho Man Randy Savage will crush him!

  3. “I will not apologize for my tone tonight. I have been a Republican in times good, and
    I have been a Republican in times bad.”

    Glory Hallelujah. Pass the ammunition.

    Star County can never really be the same again, can it?

  4. At first I thought he was saying, “Star County”. And then I began to suspect… it just seemed too familiar, somehow. Yes, Stark County. Thank you, Mr. Politician man, for making me proud to be a Northeast Ohioan once again.

  5. aggressive campaign, aggressive campaigner. i appreciated the helpful hand gestures demonstrating the metaphorical weapons. it was a good move to stop with the sword and not continue. pointing both barrels of any firearm at your audience, whether metaphorical or not, is frowned upon by 99.92% of public speaking experts.

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