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A Primer for Christians in the Arts?

Andrew Mackay has some excellent thoughts (and chats up the cool film: Primer) answering the question: What should the quality of a movie that reflects/supports/advocates/illustrates a Christian world view be like?

“…You see this in Christian movies, too. If you look across the bulk of the movies made, they are shallow, filled with superficial “tragedy” that in every case resolves perfectly, helping the protagonist to more exciting faith.

This is why so many believers who are artists choose to do art outside of the community of faith — or on the outskirts of it. You can communicate harder things, deeper things, if you’re not constrained by an industry that doesn’t want depth, preferring an easy sell. So, you get a movie like Primer, made by a Believer, that explores hard questions about man’s nature and does it interestingly (time travel and the relationship dynamic between best friends). This movie would be a hard sale into the Christian art buying community (Christian bookstores, web stores, etc). But, ironically, it found an audience with thinking people in the general industry. And it was better done than any Christian movie I’ve ever seen.

So, one thing that Christian art must have is depth.”

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  1. Christian art should also be, you know, good. Even if non-believers hate what we have to say, at least they should have to admit that we say it in an entertaining way.

  2. Right on, Loren, Sam, Mr. Mackay. If folks are turned off, let it be the offense of the Cross, not that our art bites it bigtime.

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