About a Blurb: How I wrote one and the regrets I’m dealing with as a result

I have been delighted to learn that one can procure soon-to-be-released books if one is paying attention here and there. I have had this chance on a few occasions, starting with Andrew Peterson’s first novel and then with some others including N.D. Wilson, Jose Conseco, and Jeffrey Overstreet. OK, I made that Conseco part up.

But on one occasion, namely on the occasion of Jeffrey Overstreet’s soon-to-be-released novel Raven’s Ladder, I had a chance to write a “blurb.” If you are confused as to what a blurb is, it is the thing that J.I Packer does. It’s an endorsement, like the stereotypical “Ebert raves, ten thumbs vertical!” That kind of thing.

I have no idea why anyone would want a blurb from me, but I volunteered for it in this case and got my advance copy (not even the real book yet) of Raven’s Ladder.

Side note: The book was, as were the other books in the series, excellent.

ravensladder-FULLY SWELL

Like an idiot I actually forgot the deadline when the publisher wanted the blurb back. I was at a conference and was not in a literary mode at all. But as I gasped and remembered the deadline, I went to my computer and hammered out a hasty paragraph on why I think the book is special (and it is). It took a few minutes, but I had nowhere near the time I wished for, and then sent it off.

I won’t say I’m completely embarrassed by what I wrote. But I did, as is often the case (see this blog, etc.), later find many irritating bits of the blurb that I sincerely wish I could have had another crack at.

Have you ever done that kind of thing?

Anyway, I don’t know if the endorsement will appear in the actual book, or not. But it’s on this website and on this one.

Go read it and make fun of me. Perhaps you could overuse a few words when you make fun of me. I “fully” understand.

Also, pre-order the book.


  1. I just said a dumb thing at work yesterday. Like, put my foot in my mouth up to my knee. It all comes from not taking time to think before I spoke. Time! Time! Isn’t that what Bilbo said?

    Ah, well. These too shall pass.

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