A Little Bit About the Story Warren Video

Over at Story Warren today, we posted a video aiming to be an introduction to why we exist and the heart behind our intentions towards our readers. I hope it serves to do that. I’m so grateful for one of my very best friends, Brian Patton, for the production of the video. He did everything and made it easy on us. We didn’t have a lot of time to shoot, but our goal was for it to be as natural and true to our home life as possible. The kids didn’t seem to really be too intimidated (except when I made them imitate me yammering on in the orange chair with my glasses on).


IMG_5667 IMG_5673Brian is brilliant to work with, because he’s good at mixing your vision with his experience, insight, and creative eye. He’s excellent and I’m so thankful to and for him. On top of that, he’s a long-time, loyal friend, and very fun to be around. He was generous with the kids, showing them a few things about filming and listening to them as if they were worth hearing. Our baby always wants to talk to “Uncle Brown” on the phone. Brian has always been someone I knew was in my corner. That’s a gift from God.

For my part, shooting this was fun and terrifying. I tried to prepare well, this video being somewhat of a summarized rehash of my first “launch day” post: Why Story Warren? But it’s challenging, much more so than speaking to a group, in many ways. In front of  a group, you can make a joke about your mistakes, be natural, and maybe funny. It’s harder on video, or it was for me. All the takes had funny moments, except the one we used. But it was the shortest and most direct (even as rambly as it is).

Anyway, that was probably boring to read, but that’s what you get for coming to someone’s “personal” blog. Boring stuff. It’s the rules.

I like how the video turned out, even if it’s kind of a narrow picture of our home life. (No fighting or vomiting, for instance.) We wanted it to be warm and friendly, wanted it to communicate that we are people who want to serve our readers and their families, because we are in the same boat. We didn’t even comb the boys’ hair, which in hindsight feels like a big mistake. Oh, the regrets we carry all our miserable days. (My hair looked amazing, but I’m sure you noticed that.)

Note to self: We should have done this before I went bald.

I’d also like to thank my brother Will (for the handmade map of Middle-Earth), my sister-in-law Jessi for her Jessi Tree (featuring art by Melissa Ellen Fink) and a very special thanks to my man, Zack Smith, of The Walla Recovery, for the music. If you haven’t ever listened to The Walla Recovery, you should.

Finally, I should like to thank all the people who have volunteered countless hours to serve our readers. These are people I didn’t mention in the video, but for whom I am profoundly grateful.

Andrew Mackay (my partner in leading this outfit)
Julie Silander
Zach Franzen
James Witmer
Sarah Clarkson
Clay Clarkson
Laura Peterson
Randall Goodgame
Rebecca Reynolds
Loren Eaton
Liz Cottrill
Paul Boekell
Aedan Peterson
Joe Sutphin
David Kern
Alyssa Ramsey
Sally Lloyd-Jones
Josh Bishop
…and others who have written guest posts, or shared our posts, or who have written to encourage us, or have inspired us with your art.

You guys are wonderful, thank you.

And now, an attractive still from the video…



  1. More shots of the map of Middle Earth would have made this video better. Or more shots of the baby.

    Very proud of you.

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