Acoustic Joseph

After scouring the house for a guitar that’s in tune (I never could and still can’t tune a guitar) for what felt like a long time, I found one that sort of was. Then I played (as people who seek for in-tune guitars often do on such occasions) for the first time in forever. No song came, as I thought one might. They weren’t biting today, he said.

But, I did take this picture of myself for some reason. Anyone need a Joseph for their Christmas play? My wife is great with child and we were both born for the stage. Both of us except me.

Have you heard Acoustic Joseph’s new record, Bethlehem Sepia? It’s really deep, progressive, and accessibly nostalgic.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!


  1. Sam, you look just like Joseph! And with Gina so…expectant, you guys would be amazing in a Christmas play. Maybe you should advertise on Craigslist. 🙂

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