Adoption and Abortion

Facebook users can see the video here.

Dr. Russell Moore has a book, Adopted For Life, which is on my soon-to-read list.

Have any of you read the book?

Why do you think many of us care so much (and rightly so) about the murder of very small children and don’t appear to care much for the fatherless who are allowed to continue living?

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  1. It’s easier to be outraged about something that we only talk about. Abortion can be championed on facebook and at parties, but how many of us would go so far as to adopt one of those babies? No, we don’t dislike it THAT much…It’s not that we don’t care about adoption as much as it is that we really don’t care about abortion as much as we act like we do.

    Who is we? I say me, if I were honest, it shouldn’t be.

  2. Excellent video!!! This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. As an aunt of two adopted neices, I know the joy that comes when you hold that child for the very first time is no less than when you hold one that you gave birth to. One thing that he failed to mention is that we are adopted into a glorious family!!! I think it is spectacular visual we can show our children by adopting a child.

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