Against the Family at For the Family

The Sam and Gina Smiths at the West Virginia State CapitolMy latest post is up at For the Family. (I was out of town when it actually posted, so I’m a little late to share…)

I have always wanted to be a husband and father. I love it. In no other calling do I feel quite as secure and delighted. (Note: I have exactly zero teenagers.) I am a family man. I’m not the poster boy for a family man, but I’m his eager, bespectacled understudy. I love my own family and seek to live in service to them. I am spending much of my time devoted to serving families. I marvel at God’s creation of the family, bask in the brilliance of his unrivaled design. I am troubled and heartbroken over a culture arrogantly dismissive of God’s instruction about families. I love my family. I love the family. You don’t get any more pro-family than me.

Except, I’m against The Family.

I’m against The Family as a rival, or substitute, religion. I’m against The Family as an end. I’m against The Family as an avenue of self-righteous Moralism, a weapon to stomp those who have failed to keep a clean record. I’m against The Family as a sentimental idol. I am against The Family… Read More at For the Family

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