An Amazing “News Report” From My Daughter

I love our kids.

If you can’t read this (because I don’t know how to scan, but just held it up for Photo Booth) then I’ll give you the details here.

The side says “b.r. news by a. smith.” She means “Bike Riding News.”

The top says “Thumbs! Up! Josiah!”

Next line…

“aperently, Josiah is doing wonderfull,

at his bike riding skills. if he is

having trouble, he gets frustrated,

but he never gives UP!”

Pictured girls saying “yea woo!”

Bottom: “News Paper.”


  1. Thanks, Lori. She is superb.

    Haha, AE, that’s funny. I will do all those thing immediately. She’s getting better. She inherited her dad’s spelling abilittees.

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