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And the winner is…

Our dear friend Jodi alerted us all here about a short story contest being held by Portland Studios. They were asking for a back story to the animation they had developed called The Mad Bull. Watch the animation.

When Jodi announced this contest, it was in the comments section of this blog and she said:

“Hey Sam, (and anyone else who likes to write, even though Sam will beat you if he submits), there is a short story competition over at Portland Studios – www.portlandstudios.com – looks pretty fun and interesting.”

Though Jodi will be insufferable after being proven right, I am amazed and very happy to report that I did win the story contest. This is encouraging. I am honored to have been selected by people I have a lot of respect for. These guys make some amazing illustrations. I have been blown away by Justin Gerard’s work, and everyone there is so talented. So -it’s grand.

There’s a little story in my own experience writing the story that I may relate later, but for know, head over to Portland Studios blog and check out the story. Leave a comment if you would. “This is real dumb,” would be an option.

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