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Andy and the Andys and Hilarity From the One Called “Gully”

This is a classic. To hear the version of the song to which Andy G “Gully” “Hellsfury” Gullahorn refers at the end of the video, see here.

I like Andy Gullahorn and look forward to meeting him (and his wife) someday, maybe at the Hutchmoot. He did me a solid related to a gift for my brother, where he turned his album cover into a picture of a guy playing cricket (an activity my brother and I have done a lot together). What a swell thing to do. See his alterations here. Click on the first photo to see his cricket knowledge in play. (Note: Not called a “box,” but wickets.)

Plus, unlike the rest of the Square Pegs, (except the valiant Eric Peters), he likes sports. Get his record here and watch the commercial he did for it here.

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