I Declare This Week Eric Peters Week Throughout the Land of West Virginia

This Thursday (March 4) Eric will be playing a show in Huntington and then on Beckley on Friday night (March 5).  So it’s a world tour of West Virginia, basically.

Click here for Huntington details and here for Beckley details.

By the authority vested in me from that game of paper, rock, scissors, I declare this week “Eric Peters Week” in all of West Virginia and here at www.SDSmith.net.

I plan to post a video each day this week as a clever enticement to your ears and heart. I hope you will come to either concert. Eric is a grand fellow and puts on a wonderful show.

Today: A song for his boys called “I’ll Go With You.” Live in Beckley, WV in 2009.

Eric’s website. Eric on Twitter. Eric on Facebook. Eric smiling —> 🙂

FB users can see the video HERE.

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