Are You Ready For Some (World Cup) Football?

I am very excited about the World Cup, an unmatched sporting event. In America we have a hard time understanding, or appreciating the scale and importance of this tournament.

Also, the host country is my beloved South Africa. I have seen some rugby matches at some of the stadiums they are using.

Cool: All the games are going to be available on ESPN 3 this time.

The U.S. team’s opener is Saturday, June 12, at 2:30pm. We play some team called England, or something.


  1. This makes me miss Mexico, and the Harer fam. Daniel and I watched every match in 2006, and kept track of wins and losses in brackets provided in the special World Cup magazine sized booklet available for purchase at every street corner, convenience store, gas station and market stall in Cuernavaca. Good times.

    On a completely different note, I though you might like this perspective article about art based on Tolkien work:

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