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Art as Hospitality

This is a veritable collision of amazingness. If you have a kid who loves to draw, tell stories, or really anything, then you will want to read this.

My pal Zach Franzen (illustrator for The Green Ember) is featured over at the Amongst Lovely Things blog, hosted by my friend Sarah Mackenzie, and the result is wonderful. Zach’s post is an absolute must read. I am biased, but it’s so very, very good. Here’s a sample.

Hospitality is a hallmark of a Holy imagination.

Hospitality as an artistic goal collides directly and forcefully with the cult of self-expression. C.S. Lewis famously stated: “Of every idea and of every method the Christian writer [or artist] will ask not ‘Is it mine?’ but ‘Is it good?’” By contrast, the cult of self-expression exalts in “mine” more than it exalts in “good.” Its adherents do not create art to serve others. Rather, it suggests that art and others bend to the artist.

Get over and read the whole thing. Plus, there’s a giveaway for one of Zach’s Mouse Kits. We have one and we love it, even decorating it for Christmas. 1962821_10152745017387006_2722566569059238521_n

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