Audiobooks Are My Co-Pilots

I am terrible at the oft-used skill of taking pictures of what’s going on and then putting them on Twitter and Facebook and that kind of thing.

But today I have taken a picture of my travelling companions and shall shew it forth to thee.

I love audiobooks (if I were a teenager I would add  a LOT of exclamation points here).

I buy some, borrow some from various libraries and some I steal (one of those is not true). Here’s what’s riding shotgun with me right now. (I write this ) As if you care!

Do you like audiobooks? Whatcha listenin’ to now?


  1. I hate to make this the first comment… but not enough to not do it. I can’t do audio books. Between how slow it moves and my inability to process it while I’m doing other things, I go a little bit crazy. I’ve tried five or six times in the last year, and I just can’t get into it. I did listen to the entirety of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… but, even that was a challenge.

  2. I listen to whatever you’re listening to when I get into your car. That way, you completely lose your place and have to skip around to find it. Sorry about that. As you know, I too, have a mind-wandering problem when it comes to audio books. But I won’t give up. Currently, I’m halfway listening to Greek myths on Storynory with the kids.

  3. I absolutely love (with exclamation points) audio books. Angela’s Ashes being the current offering. By the way, thanks for the loan of it.

  4. Our family loves audio books too. We are currently listening to Focus on the Family’s The Chronicles of Narnia. By the way, we are going to be traveling a great deal over the next eight months and would appreciate a few loans for the road.

  5. Lately it has been anything free at Christian Audio – so the biography of Oswald Chambers, Pilgrim’s Progress, Eugene Peterson’s Christ Plays in 10,000 places. Like my wonderbar nephew I don’t have 100 percent concentration while listening, which just means I get to listen to them more than once and still get something out of them.
    I love them when they are dramatically well read – reminds me of radio drama.

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