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August Occasion: New EP, Full Record

Chrome cover

Good news, sports fans. Eric Peters’ new record is now a little over one month away from being in your possession. Eric announced the release date for Chrome, and it is an August occasion. August 25th to be precise.

You can pre-order the record now and have it delivered to your home on August 25th.

But wait, wouldn’t you like to have the record in your hands TWO-WEEKS EARLY? You can. And you can do Eric a solid as well. There exists an opportunity to support him and his project by becoming a Patron Saint. The details are here.

Eric Peters has been one of my favorite artists/songwriters for a while. Well before I got the happy opportunity to be on staff with him at the Rabbit Room Convent and Plastic Reciprocity Institute, I was a fan. Before I had heard of Andrew Peterson, I was a fan. Eric is not always going to make you feel inspired with his music, nor is he annoyingly “edgy” –the pretentious Pied-Pipery of our generation. He is honest, vulnerable, and soulful. His songs are an almost schizophrenic blend of poetic feeling sung over head-bopping folk-pop. There is an enchanting sometimes-melancholy catchiness to his music. It’s hard for me to explain exactly what it is that I like. I know I always like it before I fully get the words, the melody and music have always just clicked with me. Then, later, as the meanings sink in I am more deeply affected.


I am terrible at reviewing music, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. So, let me simplify. I really love Eric Peters’ music. The little I’ve gotten to know him personally demonstrates to me he’s pretty swell –the kind of guy you want to succeed at his vocation. Not just because of him, but because you think that –while he is unique- you want people like him to succeed. You want artists who are worth appreciating to succeed. You want them to be around, doing what they do, for a long time (if God wills).

So why not pre-order Chrome right now? You can get it for 10 buckskins. But why not get two for 15 buckskins and give one to a music-lover in your life? Why not, why not, why not?

Also in the news: Efforts are underway to bring this celebrated artist to West Virginia. Contact me (via the contact page) to help out.

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  1. I have found nirvana. A record review of one of my favorite recording artists written one of my favorite writers/bloggers. How good can it get? Not much, when it comes to internet nuggets that make me fall out of my chair with shock and awe. Thanks, S.D.

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