Auld Lang Syne means what? (I think we all know.)

People the world over sing this song to bring in the New Year. Here’s a little story Denny Burk ganked on why and (a little on) what it really means. Here’s Wikipedia’s crack at it.

Do people know what it means when they sing it? Do they understand the words?

My view of that song is this:

You don’t have to know all the words to Auld Lang Syne, or even know exactly what they mean. Just listen to it when it’s sung and how it’s sung to know the meaning.

You can feel it.

(I know, I know. How very postmodern. I’m a cheerleader for propositional truth, no doubt. But really, we have ways of knowing and understanding that are not perfectly connected to grasping all the details intellectually.)


  1. The last scene in It’s a Wonderful Life gets the meaning of that song pretty well…I think? Makes sense to me anyway, judging by the way I am always weeping for joy at that point.

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