Baby, I’ve Got News For You

My 2 year old son says, “Mommy has him baby in hor scummock. Him can’t get out ’cause him’s scuck in dair.”

It’s true. The highly-anticipated sequel, Smith Baby IV, is due out in February.

As my wonderful wife says in her post, it’s a bit crazy/hectic/difficult/wonderful/etc. here at Smith HQ.

We are selling and buying a home, which has been a lot of work and an enormous blessing. We’ve had a lot of help from faithful saddle-pals. After a whole lot of work whipping this place into shape, our home sold pretty quickly (under a week). And now we’re blessed to be expecting another child in our family. It’s all a great kindness from the generous hand of our Father. Of course, we know there are, will be, and have been, times of real suffering. It’s not all happy, happy, joy, joy. But there’s always occasion for thankfulness, even in a world where a hard providence is often just around the corner, or fresh in our minds.

For now, though, we are very happy. And exhausted. 🙂

Gina hasn’t felt very well at all, but has been battling bravely on, like a brave onward battler. I’m very proud of her and pleased to be in this thing together. She is the best of fellow travelers.

So our kids will eat more corn dogs, as Dad is a poor substitute in the kitchen. We will take time to rest and watch The Cosby Show, or The Adventures of Robin Hood, when we can. I will almost definitely post even more quotes and funny pictures stolen from around the internet (with credit).

Bear with me. Things are not unbearable. I bear good news. A child is to be born.

If you think of it and do this kind of thing, please pray for us. The next few weeks will be pretty challenging. I know everyone goes through this kind of thing, or often much more challenging things, but it’s a lot on the plate at once. Thanks!

Again, we are delighted by this news, and feel graciously equipped (with friends etc.) to meet the adventure before us.

Peace to you. –Sam

Pictured: Our family, with the forever young Eric Peters sitting in for the for-now unpictured, smallest Smith.


  1. Sam, that’s wonderful news! I’m so happy for you & Gina, and I will be praying for all of you! Aren’t we thankful for God’s new mercies *every* morning!

  2. Wonderful news!!!! Congratulations to the whole Smith family. The Lord’s blessings just keep on comin’…. So happy for you all.

  3. My biggest congratulations to your sweet family, Sam! Wish I could be there to watch you & Gina in action with your kiddos, but knowing you both & how you allow God to live out through you, I have no doubt that this baby to come will be entering a very happy & loving home! Be blessed! 🙂

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