Before and After Photos: Kansas State Beatdown of West Virginia Edition

Prologue: My brother, Josiah, and I went to West Virginia’s football game last Saturday. (Thanks for the tickets, Daniel!)

Before the game our friendly fans are happy, hopeful, and hearty.

Toward the end of the game, sadness engulfs the once-glad fans. They think dark thoughts with their thought-parts.

KSU won big, 55-14, and deserved it. Oh, the humanity. Mountaineer mauled by Wildcat right before our eyes. Oh, how the (supposedly) mighty have fallen. Oh what a flimsy web we weave, when “our team is better,” we do believe. Oh…nevermind.

(We actually had a fun time.)


  1. John watched the sad, sad event on TV. I’m glad you still had a good time. I didn’t realize until now that you two are twins! 🙂

  2. I thought K-State would take that game, what really surprised me was how they took that game. I’m all in for K-State running the tables now that they’ve defeated both our teams. Might as well lose to a national champion contender. Coming from one who has witnessed many a Big XII (and Big 8) beat-downs, basketball season is always right around the corner.

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