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BLAST TO SMITHEREENS: Audiobooks, Stock, & My Wild Foray Into the Teeth of the Essential Oils Cartel

SD SMith BLAST Better

January News


We are literally having a blast. You are being blasted to Smithereens. Or I am blasting to Smithereens. Somebody is exploding here.

#Smithereens #Blast #Successing

It’s all happening.

November and December were bananas and we were not quite able to keep up with demand and have over and over run out of stock on Amazon. Good problem, sure. We finally, after much travail, have received our second printing of the book. So hopefully that will end this most irritating sight.


Of course you can always get copies from our store, which is best for us. But Amazon will be in stock soon. 

Now on to something we won’t run out of until the internet breaks. (Looking at you, North Korea.)

Fantastic News!

The audiobook for The Green Ember, produced and performed Joel Clarkson, is now available! Joel did a great job and I think families are going to enjoy his dramatic performance. Joel composed music, performed, and produced the entire thing. And it’s wonderful! He did voices for each character with great range and emotion. It’s really good and, as a huge audiobook fan, I’m very excited. Kids love to listen to stories while they work, play, or travel. (So do I.)

It’s on sale now for a mere $9.95! [SAVE TEN AMERICAN U.S. BALD EAGLE BEN FRANKLIN DOLLARS]

TGE-Audio-CVR-HR_large (1)

Would you consider taking five minutes and doing a short review of the book on Amazon? It would be very helpful and Audible (audiobook) shoppers will see them and it will help so much. Thanks!


Blog Reviews

We had at least two generous blog reviews for The Green Ember, both by friends. Here’s one by Loren Eaton and this one is by Glenn McCarty. Both of these guys are wonderful writers and I’m so grateful and honored by their words.


LIKE my Facebook Author Page…or this rabbit and you have a problem.

Thanks to my brother from the same mother, Will Smith, for the awesome images!


I’m loving it. Find The Green Ember there!

Essentially Oily

Our family is doing well and we are grateful for God’s kindness to us through pain and joy. We had a wonderful Christmastide filled with feasts, fun, family, and frankincense. I still don’t know what frankincense is precisely, but it’s in the Gospel of Matthew and I think it was mentioned in one of the 8 bazillion essential oil adverts I saw on Facebook.

Once I made an errant comment on Facebook, musing on the possibility that an essential oil might exist that one could pour into one’s ear that would block one from ever hearing about essential oils again. My publisher texted me and threatened to cancel the book because I was ruining my relationship with our target audience.

“Our target audience is oily moms?” I asked.

“No, you idiot,” he said, “it’s moms who do lots of research and know stuff because of that research and also because of parties and research.”

“Oh,” I said. “Sorry. I am now on board with essential oils.”

“Good, because these people are the heroines who divert a portion of their essential oil money to buy your stupid rabbit book.”

“Oh, right.”

And so, I just want to say that, due to marketing, corporate greed, audience test group data, and internet research and stuff, I have totally changed my mind about essential oils and now I believe in them and I confess my former sins and I want to convert and get anointed with essential oils in the most religious way possible.

My wife, who is a user of E.O., will be administering the rite. Pray for me.

Does It Seem Like I’m Done Talking About Essential Oils?

Nope. Feeling myself keen, but not up to the high stakes involved in the Essential Oils business, I plan to open a Nonessential Oils business. It will be just some oils you can definitely live without. Our logo is a person shrugging with the letters N and O above his head.

Okay, that about does it. But before I go, here’s some things of the month…

Something Somethings of the Month

Book of the Month: Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. There’s  a lot about hushpuppies in there, but it’s pretty good.

Awesome Picture Drawn By My Son of the Month:

Video Game of the Month: None. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Board Game of the Month: Ticket to Ride. Very fun for a wide age-range. Play is fast, but strategy is involved, and it’s great fun for kids and adults. (Thanks, Ming!)

Sport of the Future: Soccer. You might as well embrace it, America. Up the Reds!

Quote of the month:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for lots of people to keep on doing evil lots and lots and really make an effort this time, you lazy evil-doers.” —Jellybean Highfive

Seriously now. I know this episode was heavy on (alleged) humor and a little lighter on sincerity, but please understand something. I am so honored by your care and grateful for your kindness to us. I feel like we have lots of great partners near and far. Thank you so much.

So long, saddlepals!



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