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Blast to Smithereens!

This is my regular (from now on) email update. Blast to Smithereens! If you aren’t signed up for my newsletter, why don’t you correctify that? I would greatly appreciate it! Also, if you can think of a better name than what my brother Will came up with, I’d love to hear it. As Shakespeare once said in an email, “Have a blast, ya’ll.”

–Your friend and mine,


Greetings Urflings,

For a person who writes at at least three blogs and engages in the morally iffy activities of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I’m still pretty uneasy with self-revelation. So, it’s with some fear and trembling that I begin this venture into a regular update.

November was a good month, and, since we’re catching up from the previous months, I’ve had a pretty good life. Thanks for asking.

The launch of my first novel, The Green Ember, was incredible. We had an amazing experience, one we’ll never forget. We are so grateful to everyone who gave us this gift. I wrote a bit of a summary of our experience here.  

My beautiful wife Gina wrote a lovely post about our packing and shipping adventure here. All I can add is that it was an incredible privilege to see those names and addresses from all over the world go on boxes piling higher and higher. It was delightful, humbling, and fed our gratitude like a feast.

Many people wrote to us afterwards to lament that they missed the Kickstarter. You will be punished by having pebbles thrown at you by infants, with nothing to protect you but full suits of medieval armor. But there is one way to escape this torturous trial.

You can order the book right now at our store. It will ship immediately. Also, if you’re looking for multiple copies for gifts, we are selling The Green Ember in discounted bundles of 5 and 10.

You may also order it at Amazon:

Speaking of Amazon, would you please rate and write a review of The Green Ember there? Again, it helps so much. Thank you!

If you share your experience with the book, please use #RabbitsWithSwords and/or #TheGreenEmber as hashtags. Thank you!

I got to speak at The Rabbit Room’s Hutchmoot conference recently and as always it was an incredible privilege. Far better than speaking was the privilege of being there and being around such wonderful people. It’s something I am astonished at every year. This year, I was asked to read from The Green Ember. What an honor. I’m so grateful for Andrew Peterson and the community he has gathered and fostered at The Rabbit Room/Hutchmoot. (Catch him on tour now in a must-see Christmas show.)

Our site for families, Story Warren, is chugging along nicely. I really love being a part of this project and, even more so, love the connection point this has been with wonderful partners and our heroic readers. In my tireless quest to drive up blog traffic by any means necessary, I wrote about how wise it can be to take breaks from blogs and social media here: The Virtue of Unread Blog Posts. Thus we are taking a breather during Advent/Christmas. We’ll see you again in January!

Speaking of Story Warren, we are seriously scheming about our second ever Story Warren Family Conference, Inkwell. Stuff’s happening. Excellent stuff. Hint: If you have plans for late in June, 2015. Cancel them.

The Kingdom of God is our family’s heart, the end and aim of all our art. 

Something our family loves is practicing Advent. I hope yours is a time of anticipation and reflection, a time to be together around the growing light to focus on the amazing tale of the Light of the world.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” –St. John

Book of the month? Behold the Lamb of God, by Russ Ramsey. Russ is a friend, and this book is a wonderful Advent read and excellent preparation for Christmas.

Health food of the month? Cake. God made grass that becomes sugar. Enjoy!

I’ve got a few speaking engagements lining up for early in the new year. If you want to talk about that kind of thing, I would be delighted to do so. I do not give health advice in these talks.

Please pray for us. We feel grateful, but stretched. I know many of you do too. We are asking God for clarity on when to say yes to exciting opportunities and when to say no and refocus at home & rest.

Okay, those of you who are still with me, thanks. Mom, thanks. I’ll try to be shorter and less boring next time. Also: more explosions.

[BLAM!]  <–downpayment.

I’m on a G.K. Chesterton kick again lately, so I’ll leave you with this gem from him:

“All science, even the divine science, is a sublime detective story. Only it is not set to detect why a man is dead; but the darker secret of why he is alive.”

Happy hunting,




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