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Blessed Be The Losers –Like Jason Gray and Sam Smith

Leg Crossers –Jason and Sam

I got to meet fellow Rabbit Room writer Jason Gray in Nashville a few weeks ago, as well as hear him perform some songs. Then this past weekend got to hear him again here in southern West Virginia (thanks Matt and Mark). Gina and I (and the kids) got to spend some extended time with him and it was really special. I encourage you to check out his music. It’s good, ya’ll.

Fake Scholarship –Jason and Gina, fakers

His emphasis on weakness, brokenness and the power and completeness of God in our weakness is beautiful. His song from several years ago, Blessed Be, has been a welcome reminder of something I have needed to hear lately.

I am going through some health issues now, again (I have a medical test today, in fact, and would appreciate prayer). This idea of being perfected in weakness, of being blessed in brokenness (which is so evident in Matthew, and all of Scripture) has been a comfort to me. Jason’s music has added to the chorus of truth I need to hear now and all the time.

The Gospel is for the broken, the needy, the ones who know they need it. Not for the morally superior. Again, consider this amazing passage in Luke 18. I need that!

So, after the jump here I put Jason’s song, Blessed Be, up for you to hear. I didn’t ask him, so mum’s the word. It’s not the best audio (or video), so I put up the words. But he tells the same story on Acoustic Storytime, which is a great record.

Blessed Be

by Jason Gray

Losers, all the lovely losers
who never thought you’d hear your name
Outside, always on the outside
empty at the wishing well, but time will tell

Blessed Be
the one’s who know that they are weak
they shall see
the kingdom come to the broken ones
Blessed Be

Thirsty like you’re drinking from a salt sea
but one day you’ll be satisfied
Hungry for the taste of mercy
aching just to have your fill, one day you will

not for the strong the beautiful the brave
not for the ones that think they’ve got it made
it’s for the poor the broken and the meek
it’s for the ones who look a lot like you and me


  1. Your comments and the song really blessed me this morning. Thanks for posting. Praying for you & Gina today.

  2. Look at you two leg-crossers, just hangin’ out by the trash can. Super cool. Also, I love you Sam. (You too I guess, Jason, but not in the same way. It’s more like a “you encourage my husband and I love you for that” kind of thing. Just to clarify) Okay, that’s the longest comment I’ve ever made here. I’m done.

  3. What a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing Sam, not only the song but your own weakness. Our family will be praying for yours today.

  4. I’ve enjoyed Jason’s music for a few years. As a fellow stutterer he’s inspired me greatly. But seeing him with Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl makes me like him even more!

    I hope things go well with your appointment Sam. Praying for you my friend.

  5. Also, I really liked that song Sam, thanks for posting. Reading the entry put me in mind of a good ole’ NRC song, “Good News for the Loser”…

  6. Thanks for your prayers, friends. Things went well today. I am eager for results. So, please keep holding me up. <--not like a robber. Jason was such a delight. I love the stuttering eloquence and deep intelligence he delivers so humbly. Plus he's such a rock star in concert (in a good way).

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