Books And Facebook

Seth Godin wonders over the comparative value of social media and books in this short, worthwhile post. This is taken from his conclusion:

“I get the flux, the flow, the connective power of social media. It’s incredible to be able to widen your circle, to be aware of so many people and so many inputs. I wonder though… Is one status update enough to get you to alter a habit or make a better decision?

“This is why books matter. Books, used properly, immerse us in a single idea. Books bring a voice into our head, create a different brain chemistry, open doors to a more powerful lever, a learning that can yes, change us. Dozens (perhaps hundreds) of times in my life, a book has changed my mind. So have some powerful lectures or direct engagements with teachers or mentors. These are the moments of true change, times when we are entrained with the message, when we feel the learning happening in real time.”

Seth Godin here.

I’m on Facebook and Twitter and I like them. Seth Godin’s book Tribes is excellent. I love football.


  1. So maybe our status updates’ real purpose is to point people to those life-changing books, which kind of fits in well, I’d think, with what Seth is saying. In that way, yes, a status update can change our lives.

    But I would despise a world were “status updates” was all we had to chew on. That would be like sitting down to dinner and finding my hot vegetable soup had been freeze dried into little unrecognizable bits, and then being given a tweezers to eat it with.

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