C.S. Lewis Turns Down the Dark Lord?

This is true. I have just read a 1947 letter from C.S. Lewis to one Tom Riddle (pg. 718 of The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, vol. 2). The letter appears unremarkable, but in it Lewis repeats his refusal to participate in something Tom Riddle wants him to do.

Good move, Jack. Good move.

“No thanks.”


  1. This reminds me of an erstwhile Daniel Amos fan who provided strong evidence that Terry Taylor had cribbed lyrics for a large number of songs from a single poetry anthology: “Behold This Dreamer,” collected by Walter de la Mare. Now we just need to prove that J.K. Rowling owned a copy of C.S. Lewis’ collected letters…

  2. No doubt, Phil.

    St. Ralph– Ha ha. Thanks for commenting, St. R. I’m guessing no connection, but may be. Could be the plot for “National Treasure 3: An Even More Horrible Sequel in the UK.”

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