Caine’s Arcade and Loving Young People

I love this on so many levels, but mostly two. I’ll discuss below, but first: watch.

1) This boy! What a kid. I love this guy. He is so creative, hardworking, and dedicated. What will he do with his life? I love his work, his imaginative recreation of something he has experienced, and his desire to share it with others.

2) These people loving this boy! It really revs up my heart to see this little boy receiving such care and love, given such a gift. We all know stories –heartbreaking, devastating stories– of children being mistreated. There’s an epidemic of fatherlessness, like a cancer in the gut of the world. To see children loved, even one little boy, is a deep delight. I keep thinking of how this short film might inspire many others to do something special (even if not so grand) for a young person they know.

Wonderful stuff, eh?.


  1. Dude! Definitely wonderful stuff. I’m blown away.

    My little brother (8) showed me a Lego vehicle he built yesterday… It was amphibiously aw–oh, I can’t say that. This fast is harder than it looks. Anyway. He told me it could go on land and on water, and he showed me the boat propeller on the back and the buoys to keep it afloat on the sides. He also had this great roof that opened up to let the driver in, that he had made himself out of transparent bricks and technix pieces. I thought it was so cool that I took a bunch of pictures of it. Then he said, “But it needs some more buoys in the front or it will tip in the front.” So he added some and I had to take more pictures of the new and improved model.

    When I asked him where he got the idea, he said, “In that Cars and Trucks and Things that Go book [hurray for Richard Scarry]. Then I took apart the crab fishing boat that I made yesterday and used almost all the same pieces for this.”

    Kids are cool, no doubt about it.

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