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UPDATE: FREE DAYS ARE DONE The Green Ember is FREE! Can You Help Us Spread The Word?

The Green Ember is FREE. Get it now. Share it now. 

This little adventure has been fun. Writing is necessarily a lonely vocation, and the “self-promotion” part of the job is fraught with real and imagined perils. EMBER FREE (1)But one thing I’ve been so grateful for has been the constant, enthusiastic support we’ve had from our friends. That’s you. You have shared your enthusiasm for the book(s) with everyone you know and helped us reach a surprisingly big audience. We never would have imagined that in less than 8 months, The Green Ember would reach over 20,000 readers.

While sales have been incredible for a small-time debut, most of those readers got copies when the book was free. You helped us reach a LOT of people. We think that led to many folks buying the book in print after they read it. We heard from some people who said just that.

When you offer a book for free, you run the risk of getting a bunch of negative reviews. In fact, most of our less-than-favorable feedback on Amazon did come from people who downloaded it for free. Consequently,  it wasn’t the kind of book they might typically have chosen or enjoyed. No big deal. The great thing was that the so many other people who got the book left great reviews, and their “verified purchase” status lends credence to their recommendation. That has helped a lot of new readers take the plunge. (Amazon reviews are massively important for small-timers like us.)

I share all of that with you to shed some light on why it helps (in a number of ways) when you share the news that Ember is free. Some folks have asked if we are losing money, and though I know it might seem like it, we are mostly concerned with growing our readership. We have confidence that the book will connect with the audience it’s meant for and one of the best ways to reach them is through a limited giveaway.

Can you help spread the word? The Green Ember is free on Kindle for the next three days (July 7,8, & 9). We want to reach new readers and hope, additionally, to encourage people to order a copy of The Black Star of Kingston.

Black Star releases in just six days. (Got your copy ordered yet?)

What can you do?

Just share it, man. If you think it’s something readers of any age would enjoy, then share it.

The best thing would be to share a picture of your family/kids with the book and a thumbs up, along with the link. (http://bit.ly/TheGreenEmberIsFree)

If you’re not sure how to do that, then you can copy and paste this:

For Twitter

FREE TODAY! A new adventure with an old soul, #TheGreenEmber. And check out @SDSmith_’s new book, #BlackStarOKhttp://bit.ly/TheGreenEmberIsFree #Free

For Facebook

FREE TODAY! If your family loves a new adventure with an old soul, get The Green Ember, for $0. Also, check out S. D. Smith’s new book, The Black Star of Kingston. http://bit.ly/TheGreenEmberIsFree #RabbitsWithSwords

Thank you, friends! Your help is so greatly appreciated.



    1. They intentionally make it confusing, hoping people will sign up for KU, but you DO NOT have to. The book is free and you can get it for free without joining anything.


  1. We are at chapter twenty and loving this book! Sharing it again with our CC community 🙂

  2. Hooray!! Our family has been reading our copy of The Green Ember this summer! Just shared this post via Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood and local groups! Thanks so much for offering it for free this week – AND for writing a book our boys are excited about!

  3. i pre-listened to the audiobook and can’t wait to share it with my younger set of kids!!! looking forward to the newest book, went ahead and pre-ordered it while i was there! 🙂

    i’ve shared this on the AO forum, blog and fb!


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