Censoriously Good

This is basically my “life verse” right now as a writer. -sam

“The most valid form of censorship is that practiced by writers upon themselves. Scrupulously revising or destroying all writing that fails to let readers vanish into the life of their language is every author’s duty. What we are morally obligated to censor from our work…is our own incompetence.…”

David James Duncan

HT: Abraham Piper


  1. “Incompentence” could be replaced with “crap”. I hope to spare any readers I have from reading crap. 🙂

  2. Thanks Sam. I don’t think my writing is crap, but I don’t think it’s amazing. I mean I did write my two novels in a span of 30 days each.

    I tend to break one of the big rules of Nanowrimo: Don’t edit! I read and reread portions over and over again, change words, remove sentences. I want it to make sense and not sound stupid. Probably a good habit to be in as a “writer”.

    I love that L’Engle post!

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