Change You Can Believe In (Or Not)

Here is my pal, Aaron Roughton, with this inspirational number. Keep watching…you’ll be glad. (First I typed, “you’ll be gald.” Then I reluctantly fixed it.) Take it away, Aaron.


  1. You’re right Jonathan. I guess greenscreening you so you can be whitescreened isn’t really that cool. Hopefully I’ll keep that in mind the next time I think to brag about it.

  2. Give up on hope and you’ll be happy . . . Or whatever . . . that was funny, Aaron. Like if David Wilcox, and Andy G. had a baby. Thanks, Sam for sharing the link.

  3. I assume responsibility for how funny that video is. It reflects well on me. Because I embedded it, like a reporter, on this blog.

    Aaron is “funny” too, I guess. But let’s stay focused on me, please.

  4. S.D. Smith, I like the way you embed videos. That’s why I read your blog.

    Aaron, nice video. I hope S.D. embeds more Aaron Roughton videos.

    And by the way, weren’t we just talking about that video, not more than a week or two ago?

  5. Janna, that’s the highest compliment I’ve ever been paid.

    Curt, we sure were talking about it. You might want to start wearing a fancy robe and making some cash from your ability to see the future.

    S.D., you are a master embedder. When one creates a video, he can only hope to have it embedded with such love and tenderness as you have done here. And for that I am truly grateful.

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