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Clarkson Set To Return As Narrator In Highly-Anticipated Audiobook For The Green Ember Sequel (3 DAYS LEFT TO ORDER!)

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Clarkson here pictured at The Kilns, C. S. Lewis’s home

I’m so happy to share this news! My friend Joel Clarkson will return to narrate Ember Falls, available to order for only 3 more days on Kickstarter! (Ends June 11.) Here’s the release from Story Warren Books. —

Story Warren Books today announced that Joel Clarkson will narrate Ember Falls, the highly-anticipated sequel to Best-Selling and Audible’s Children’s Audiobook of the Year Finalist, The Green Ember.

The Green Ember has sold tens of thousands of copies and been a top-seller at Audible and beyond. Ember Falls, including the new audiobook, is available for order on Kickstarter until June 11, and is scheduled for worldwide release later in 2016.

This news has delighted series author, S. D. Smith. “Joel Clarkson’s performance in The Green Ember was excellent. His careful attention to each character’s voice and his serious way of approaching the story resulted in a top-quality narration that is a gift to listeners. I’m grateful for that because most of the listeners are kids (including my own kids), and Joel’s performance is respectful, warm, and engaging. Along with thousands of others, I can’t wait to hear his narration of Ember Falls.”

On top of narrating the beloved middle-grade adventure, Joel Clarkson also composed and performed new original music for the beginning and end of the audiobook. A composer, arranger, and conductor, Clarkson has done orchestrations for films and released several albums of solo music as well as contributing one half of the Two Benedictions, a musical collaboration with Joy Clarkson, his sister.

Joel Clarkson is happy to return to the world of Natalia, where The Green Ember Series is set. “After being immersed in S. D. Smith’s delightful and compelling fantasy, The Green Ember, I am thrilled to be able to bring these wonderful characters to life in audiobook form again. The world Smith has created is chock full of key elements that make up a great tale—striking, multifaceted landscapes in an alluring world, a gripping narrative full of heroism and excitement, and of course, brave, adventurous rabbits! S. D. Smith has a distinct gift for old-fashioned storytelling of the finest sort.”

Order your copy now!


  1. I’ve loved children’s story since, well since I was a child and sat up in Grandma’s apricot tree to child-tested the books my mother reviewed for her children’s literature class in the summer of 1960.
    I still listen to the Focus on the Family radio play of the Chronicles of Narnia over and over again.
    Your Green Ember is in the same class! It is simply wonderful. My only suggestion would be – please listen to the Audible edition and pay attention to the word “said”. After a while, it grates on the ear. Could your check your thesaurus for a few other choices?

    1. Thanks, Susan. I appreciate the kind words. I know there are folks for whom the frequent use of ‘said’ is an irritant. I’m sorry about that. My view is that ‘said’ is largely invisible and is generally far preferable to “creative” dialogue tags that usually mark weak writing. “But I could easily be wrong,” he intoned ponderously. 🙂

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