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DO Patronize Me

Tim Keller on the need for Christians to patronize the arts. That means appreciate the art and support the artists.

“Christians cannot abdicate the arts to secular society. We must consume, study, and participate in the arts if we are to have a seat at the table. Whether it has a religious theme or strikes us as irreligious, we must be patrons if we are to have an impact on how the world interprets and responds to the arts. We cannot be wary, we cannot be afraid, we cannot be self-righteous. Christians must look, listen, read, and experience the arts if we are to lead our culture to renewal.”

He has questions for you to clarify if you are a patron or not. I found it very valuable.


So, who are you supporting? What forms of art do you most love? Which areas of art do you long to see gifted Christians excel in and bring light to?

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