Don’t Convert (Or Make Converts) To Moral-anity

The Gospel. Not Moralism. Eric Raymond writes to his son to help him understand issues related to sexual sin at his school. Here’s an excerpt. Excellent. Read this. –Sam

Prevent Moral-anity: If the issue is sin (fornication, homosexuality, porn, whatever) then does that mean that the kids who are not doing these things are all right? After all, there a lot of kids in his school that are not making out in the halls (straight or gay), does that mean they are good?

If Christianity was all about making people seem like they were good it wouldn’t need ‘Christ’ in it. We could just call it ‘Moral-anity’. But this is not what Christianity is about. Christ came to save sinners. He came rescue rebels by giving his own life for us. He lived the perfect life in the place of sinners who couldn’t and wouldn’t. He is the law-abiding, wrath-satisfying, death-stomping Savior! He doesn’t come and give a code of conduct, he comes and gives himself as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

This is why the Christian message to homosexuals is not a merely a message aiming to convert them to heterosexuality. Instead, the message to all people (gay or straight) is that we are all sexual sinners in need of a Savior! We all need Christ for redemption.

I need to remind myself and my son that the gospel works first on the internals before the externals. The gospel deals with the heart and then produces fruit. Therefore, everyone in that school, teachers and students alike, is in need of the same rescuing grace. This is a great opportunity to reset the reach of depravity and the shams that get passed off for salvation.

Erik Raymond


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