Dress Up As A Green Ember Series Character, Win A Fantastic Prize!

Over the past few years, kids have been dressing up as characters from The Green Ember Series for Halloween and other parties and book clubs. We LOVE seeing those pictures shared!

From now till November 6, 2017, you can enter by sharing pictures of the cute, costumed kiddos on “social” “media” and tagging “S. D. Smith” there.

Tags: Facebook, Instagram: @sdsmithereens and @thegreenemberofficialTwitter

Use hashtags: #TheGreenEmber & #RabbitsWithSwords

GRAND PRIZE: Win a free Skype Session with author S. D. Smith live from the Forge (up to half an hour) for your family, class, or homeschool. Second place winner does not receive a conversation dead from the Forge. (We hope.) Estimated Value $1 – $100 Billion.

And (for U.S. only) a signed set of The Green Ember Series. Winner will be announced on those social media accounts and/or by smoke signal.

Possible other prizes.

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