Hilarious Film Announces Exciting Stretch Goals For Thriving Green Ember Kickstarter!


“Bestselling author S. D. Smith stars in a film that puts the INEMA UMPH in Cinematic Triumph.”
–Martin Fitzpillswaller, The New York Swines

“I agree with Martin.”
–Hooley Barton, Huntington Current Events News Magazine


Speaking of news, this just in…

Massive benefits for everyone who backs the Ember Rising Kickstarter (Reward 3 & Above) if it makes it to 75K!


  1. ***(there are spoilers in the comment below!)***
    Hello, Sam! I’ve been rereading your first two Green Ember books, and I have a couple of questions. Firstly, how old (in human years) did you envision Heather, Picket, Emma, Smalls, and their friends (Jo, Perk, Cole, Heyna, Kyle, etc.)? I know the rabbit years probably don’t line up, but it would help me to imagine them better if I knew how old they would be if they were human. Not that that is going to happen any time soon =).
    Secondly, what are all of Smalls’ other siblings doing? Only two (Winslow and Emma) have been mentioned so far, but you said all the others were serving Winslow. Is this really true, and if not, where are the others?
    Thirdly, are Perkinson and Smalls both really dead? I know you probably don’t want to answer either of those, but I had to ask.
    Finally, is Heather’s dad the Forsythe Longtreader who made the map of Natalia from the first book?
    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Maya,

    I know the ages are a bit confusing. They age quickly, like rabbits. They go from babyhood, to immaturity, to maturity rather quicker than people.

    I can answer the last question. It’s their ancestor. From the time of Whitson and Lander.


  3. I hope that you make a movie out of your books soon!!!! I really hope that the movie sticks real close to the books!!!! I can’t wait to read the next Green Ember!! Any chance you could give me an estimate when it’s going to be done??? Oh and I have a hunch that Smalls isn’t deceased.

  4. are you going to make your books into a movie? if so i’m not completely mad just as long as you try to keep to the book

  5. Hi, I really, really loved the green ember series. God gave you a surprising talent Smith. I just love the way you expresses the emotions of the rabbits, the way you catch our attention on something great. Wow. I’ll be honest, when I read the action of Picket who saves smalls, I cried…

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