Eric Peters Concert This Week: So Who is This Guy?

We are a mere two days from the Eric Peters concert in our very own Beckley, WV.

Friday — December 4 — 7pm — The Place (at The United Methodist Temple). Directions Here.

So, who is this guy?


Who is Eric Peters and why should I come to his show?

Here are some links to get to know him:

Here’s a bunch of interviews with Eric (including one by me).

Listen to Eric describe in brief each song on his new record, Chrome.

Listen to the entire title track from his new record, Chrome.

Check out Eric’s past records and hear samples here.

Buy Eric’s good stuff here. NOTE: He has a HUGE sale going on now!


Here’s Eric’s bio at The Square Peg Alliance.

Visit Eric’s website for anything else.

Finally: Use your imagination. Start with a Mr. Rogers cardigan.

Top photo by Jeff Holland, used with permission.

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