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Eric Peters’ New Album “Chrome” RELEASES TODAY!!

Chrome cover

Note: I rarely/never use all caps or multiple exclamation points. So, you know I’m stoked.

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Chrome is out! Get that.

I love this record. You will as well. It has been tested on me, my wife, and kids and reports are glowingly glowlike. My kid’s, matter-of-fact, came in from playing outside last week and (unaware they were being observed) started dancing to EP’s Chrome. My son (3) said to his sister “Wow, this is really cool music.” And she (6) said, “I know, it’s sooooo cool.

So there you have it. My case = rested.

I plan to do a review, so look for that sometime. Meanwhile, enjoy Pete Peterson’s review/announcement at the Rabbit Room and this interview Eric gave to “Saving the Setlist.”

I wish I could do an interview with EP. (Sad face.)

Fooled you. I’m doing it right now! Look for that in the very near future.

Most importantly! Today is the LAST day you can get a copy for 10$ (if my sources inside the Government are telling the truth –and who could ever doubt that?). So get yours now.


  1. “I wish I could do an interview with EP. (Sad face.) Fooled you. I’m doing it right now!”

    Oh, you trickster, you! 🙂

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