Eric Peters, THE Eric Peters, is coming to Beckley, WV

It’s only two weeks until the Eric Peters concert here in Beckley, WV!
December 4 :.: 7pm ::: at “The Place” at United Methodist Temple

ep by jeff holland

Photo by Jeff Holland
Funnest Ways You Can Spread the News
1. Tell ten friends and two enemies about the event with the mouth area of your face.
2. Send nine interested and interesting people an e-mail about it. Feel free to quote me out of context.
3. Invite your Facebook friends via our Facebook Event page. –For those of you who don’t know what Facebook is, just make a book of pictures of your face and then send it to your friends. It’s kind of like that.
4. Play up the local angle with the opening act –because local singer-songwriter LeeAnn Sharp is amazing! And way prettier than Eric. And maybe taller.
5. Put up a bunch of these posters (attached, also available on Put some up next to wanted posters because man, those are hard to ignore. Plus I like to have all my posters in the same area.
6. Visit and find out about this Eric Peters fellow and listen to some of his music. He is not bad if I do say so about himself.
7. Rent a Sky-writing bi-plane and go to work over a heavily populated area of southern West Virginia (may be challenging).
8. Blog about it on your website. So your mom will see it.
9. Take a poster to the football game and hold it up during field goals. The poster says “Eric Peters Concert 12.4.09 Beckley…John 3:16.” Or maybe it just says “I wish our team didn’t stink.” Either way.
10. Two words: spraypaint underpasses.
Note: Don’t really spraypaint underpasses. I’m looking at you, Stacy Grubb.
Make it Happen Cap’n
We’re still very much hoping to have some folks help sponsor the event so we can make it work, even while we keep it FREE to the public.
If you want to help sponsor the event, even at a low dollar amount, your help is welcome.
And don’t hesitate to pitch the idea to youth/college groups or friendly businesses you know of.

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