Ever Wondered What the Most Memorable Character’s Line in Fiction is For Me?

Probably not, but here it is anyway. I guess this is the most memorable for how deeply connected to it I feel, and how true it is (in the story, and in reality). This from Theophilus Msimangu, a beautiful character from a lovely book.

“I am a weak and sinful man, but God put His hands on me.”

Alan Paton, Cry, The Beloved Country



  1. Really, Sam, I wish you would stop posting pics of books! You know I had to shop all the way to Canada to find the right edition of the Tolkien book. And now you go and post the Paton book, and I feel sure it’s probably the first edition and not available unless one has more money to spend than I have! (If you have an insider hint as to where a copy like yours might be found at a reasonable price, I would greatly appreciate the info. Otherwise, I suppose I will have to settle.) Love the quote, and glad you posted… even though I’m sure it will cost me in the long run.

  2. Loren, I have not read that yet. But I keep hearing it’s the biz.

    Cheryl, sorry about that. I can’t help it! Of course, I don’t have that edition. I have a paperback. I’m not too much of a collector –like you, can’t afford to be. But I have some good ones.

    I do like the idea of spending on good editions, because it’s an inheritance (thinking of multi generational faithfulness and joy).

  3. Never say die! Just did an ebay search, and there were 5 copies of the edition in your pic!
    Prices: 1 @ $175 (yikes)
    1 @ $125
    2 @ $ 50
    1 @ $ 14 (yay) – bought it!

    Please try to refrain from posting any more book pics until after my next payday. Gracias!

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