Everything to Lose, Nothing to Gain

Sorry: Football post. Sorry also: Local interest. Sorry part III: Easily offended MU fans take a deep breath.

I post the video below in honor of tomorrow’s game between my West Virginia Mountaineers and our cute, cuddly, little brother school Marshall University in the “Everything-to-lose and Nothing-to-gain Bowl.” (c)

Note: I say “cute, cuddly little brother” with affection. I like Marshall fine. Green is my favorite color. Even though I was persecuted as a child for being a West Virginia fan, I hold no ill will. I root for the Herd. I went to school there for a minute. I was in a class with some amazing football players and they called me “Beck.”


As a West Virginian I know we need to play this game. As a West Virginia fan, this game is a nightmare. If you win, “Great job, big whoop,”  and if you lose it’s like your pants fell down at your own funeral. OK, I can’t think of an apt metaphor.

Will Marshall win this one? Maybe, sure. Play it enough times and it will happen. I just hope it’s not tomorrow.  


Bottom line, there’s nothing to be gained for West Virginia and everything to lose.

For Marshall there’s everything to be gained and nothing to lose. Except the game, I hope.


  1. “if you lose it’s like your pants fell down at your own funeral. OK, I can’t think of an apt metaphor.”

    Well, football for me remains a mystery that makes my eyes and brain glaze over, no matter how many times it’s explained, but I not only “got” your metaphor, it also made me laugh. So thanks for that, and good luck with the game!

  2. As a born West Virginian and natuarally a West Virginia fan, I agree with Sam. I just fear the Huntington folks will eventually win- they are pretty good this year. The Huntington fans ought to root for their local university, but please don’t disparage our state’s university- even when the inevitable happens. Montani Semper Liberi.

  3. Since I’m studying rhetoric right now I can say I’m comfortable with Marshall winning or losing. If we win, we celebrate a hard fought battle and swear we were always just as good as our friends up north. If we lose, we use the leverage of marginality to bind us together and make us stronger…or somethin’.

  4. Good game, as the saying goes. Maybe next year, as they say again.


    Your most hated rival, not little brother

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