Feechies Are Real Cause Where They Stoled My Guitar

In honor of his new book, The Charlatan’s Boy, Jonathan Rogers is hosting a film festival. The Feechie Film Festival. But these aren’t your ordinary fancy-pantsed film festivities. These are amateur videos from amateur film makers.

The subject: Are feechies real? Now, feechies are a kind of human creature elaborated upon in Jonathan’s books, The Charlatan’s Boy and The Wilderking Trilogy. The call went out for films and the call was answered by many luminaries (Eric Peters, Andrew Osenga, Ron Block, Pete Peterson, Larry King, Sarah Palin). I pulled over on the side of the road a few weeks back and shared my recollections for the film festival. Here’s my take on the question: “Are Feechies Real?”


  1. Down with Fancy Pantses! There are currently seventeen movies–excuse me, films–in the Feechie Film Festival, and guess how many have foreign words or subtitles. NONE, that’s how many. In two of them, people speak with an English accent. The Festival Committee debated about those movies–excuse me, films–late into the night. We had to bring Baja Burritos into the conference room at Jonathan-Rogers.com Towers just to keep committee members from falling out from hunger. In the end, we all agreed that since they were fake English accents, they would be allowed.

    I’d like to clarify one point, if I may. You mentioned that these are amateur videos. That’s technically true, since nobody got paid for any of these movies–excuse me, films. But as your video shows, Estee, there’s nothing amateurish about the quality or execution of the films in the Feechie Film Festival.

  2. So, feechies must not have come from Canada. They must be commin’ in with illegals from Mexico. This is the last straw. We must secure the borders.

  3. Is GrammaMack your Gramma, Sam? And if so, why haven’t you told her about feechies? You can be sure my grandmother knows all about them. She’s not going to be caught off guard…not if I can help it.

  4. Grammamack –not a natural relation as it were, but a dear familial personage and inter-connected by many strong hoops of carbonated steel– will be fully informed after this week, I believe.

    Hold yer horses, King Author.

    And eny-wayz, where you’re concerned about gettin’ the word out to everybody’s grandparents about feechies, I just care about making people laugh. This was plainly accomplished in the case of Grammamack, a fine Canadian lady with excellent taste in laughter-inducement.

    I’m in it for the funny.

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