Five Questions For (5?4) Intro

Greeting readers of this here bloggity thing. I have this announcement, see?

I’ll be starting a new feature called “Not Pasted Quotes.” Just kidding, I already do that sometimes. The new feature will be called, “Five Questions For.”

This will involve me asking five questions and, hopefully, receiving five corresponding answers to those five questions.


I am not very good at interviewing, and this may not be that much easier, but at least it’s brief.

The main thing this affords us is an opportunity to get to know a little more about people who are worth getting to know more about.

I have been thinking artsy-fartsy types (musicians, storytellers, dill farmers) but maybe that will not be the case at all times. Maybe I will interview my son, or the Mayor of Odd, West Virginia (a real town).

Anyone you want me to interview? What, did you say “My Rock Yo Mama?” Please speak into the microphone. Annunciate.

So, you have been warned. Is it totally lame if I use the shorter 5Q4? What about 5?4? It feels lame, but also easy to type.

As is often the case, lameness and laziness are issues for me.

I hope you like the people I rope into doing this. I also I hope I actually stick with it. Starts on the ‘morrow.


  1. i like this idea a lot. sometimes the best interviews are with people who aren’t used to being interviewed a lot. they have a way of being more honest.

    i don’t know, why don’t you start with some people that inspire you who you see a lot?

  2. In the name of all that is holy, no Interwebz LOL-speak, KthnxBAI!!1!

    I’d be interested to see an interview with your wife. My wife is a jewel, a wonderful, amazing woman whom I can’t believe agreed to marry me. But she’s a little … challenged by the stuff I write. It’d be interesting to see what your wife thinks about your material.

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