Five Steps to Family Unity that Definitely Might Work

Step One: Never Ever Trust Any Lists On the Internet Ever
Here, let me help you with that.

Step Two: Mom and Dad in Cahoots
This may seem basic, but it isn’t always. Dad and Mom are unified. That’s how the family started and that’s how the family endures. The common wisdom is the truly wise course: parents should back each other in interactions with kids. If Daddy said it, Mommy agrees with Daddy. If Mommy had to come down hard, then Daddy doesn’t comfort the child, but sends her back to Mommy to be comforted. It’s like a loose ball in a basketball game where two people are grabbing for it only to realize they’re teammates. Keep struggling with each other and both will lose. The team loses. “Same team!”

This goes for interaction with the kids, but also for both husband and wife’s parents, and then the whole world.

I’ve heard married men and women described as the two blades on a pair of scissors. There’s plenty of friction, sure, but just watch out if you come between them. Plus, cahoots is an awesome word.

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