Free Extended Preview of The Green Ember Audiobook (Available on Audible, Amazon, & Our Store)


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Below I’ll share how you can get the audiobook for half-off an already very low price (for a few days only).


We’re so excited about The Green Ember audiobook. I love audiobooks, listen to them all the time, and I’m so happy with how this turned out. Joel Clarkson nailed the narration performance. He did all the voices so well (I keep hearing from kids who love different ones best). He produced the project as well and it’s top-notch. But wait, there’s more. Joel also composed original music for the intro and the ending of the book. I love it. I think you will too.

Okay, here’s how you can get half-off the audiobook. Two easy things.

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2) Do a short (or long) review of the book at Amazon.

Then all you need to do is go to our store (HERE) and when you checkout use the code REVIEWEDIT and you’ll get the audiobook for a mere 5 American dollars.


Note: This offer expires on Friday the 13th. February 13, 2015.

Okay, here’s your free preview. Gather the kids around and give them a generous helping of #RabbitsWithSwords. I hope you enjoy it!


Image doctored awesomely by Will Smith.


  1. I’m a rule-follower!
    Do I have to do both items in order to use the coupon code? Or may I do just one of the items?

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