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February News

I can’t believe I didn’t receive more angry postcards about my discussion of Essential Oils last month. That was some weak outrage. Come on, aren’t you people mad about stuff and eager to spew venom online? Enough about you, let’s talk about me. Seriously, do you know how weird it is to talk about yourself a lot? I try to disassociate from it a little so I can survive. That’s healthy, right?

Talking About Talking About Myself

The honest truth (as opposed to the dishonest truth) is that there are two things happening when I “promote myself” on social media and in newsletters etc. One is that I’m hesitant and really reluctant, so I can agonize over it. Strangely, I think that’s when I’m most vulnerable to pride. Other times I’m listening to those voices of people I trust who remind me that this is a vocation I should not be ashamed of and that a healthy, if difficult, part of this job is communicating about what’s happening. And that includes genuine excitement. It’s a challenge, but I need to keep on it, finding a good balance that informs and (hopefully) engages, but doesn’t feel like a constant assault.

Feel free to write me with good advice about this.

Audible, and an Extension of the $5 Audiobook Deal

Audible listeners (like me) can pick up a copy of The Green Ember now for a credit. If you do, please consider leaving a nice review.


Nonessential Oils Business Flourishing

Our Nonessential Oils business is flourishing and our graphics guy (Will Smith) has designed a logo. It’s all legit now.

And now, an E.O. joke.

Q: Do you know what the Essential Oils user at the hospital said to the nurse?

A: Nothing. Essential Oils users never have to go to the hospital because Essential Oils.

Free Days on Kindle: Need Your Help!

Yep, we’re doing a few of those. It’s kind of a pain (reluctant self talking), but also a great way to share the book beyond our intensely loyal and deeply intelligent audience. And all flattery aside, we can definitely use your help. So I’m asking if you’ll please do the ember bunny fight free FINALfollowing.

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What you’re sharing is free book, so don’t be shy!

If you want help, here’s a message our crew has carefully crafted after hours of research on the internet…

A great book for kids & families is FREE today on Kindle. #TheGreenEmber by @SDSmith_, a new story with an old soul. http://bit.ly/TGEeBook


Just copy and paste! Maybe share this picture (by Will Smith).

Or come up with your own, original take. Anyway, we’d be so grateful if you would consider sharing that on one or all three days of the giveaway.

This is only for the next two days! So, please go ahead and share the free joy.

Consider it a birthday present to me.

Yep, Im Even Older

Today I’m 38. I’m not sad. I’m so grateful. This has been a wonderful year where I’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support of an energetically encouraging group of people. Among them, you.

We named our third son Micah, and his birthday is coming up soon as well. I love the name Micah because it means “Who is like the LORD?” The answer is an eternal silence. No one is like our God, who pardons sinners, who delivers justice, who sent his son to rescue rebels and remake the world.  I love being a part of the New Creation and I long with al my heart for the New World. Oh kingdom come, Immanuel.

Public Speaking in Public/Author Visits

I’m headed to Charlotte in late February and Memphis in early March. If you have a class/homeschool group/whatever that would like a visit from me for some reason, let me know. Thanks!

Things of the Month Things

Book of the Month: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Uster. Gina has been reading this to us for the past few weeks and it has been so fun for us all. It’s hilarious and clever. And speaking of Read-alouds…

Podcast of the Month: The Read-Aloud Revival. I listen to a few pods, mostly about soccer and the Bible, but this has become my new favorite. I’m slightly biased because I’m scheduled to appear on it soon, but I was a fan first. Sarah Mackenzie is a fantastic host, with lots of vision and insight. But the best thing about the pod is Sarah’s infectious cheerfulness and humility. It’s a winsome, informative invitation (no guilt, no pressure) to make reading a central part of our family culture. It’s great.

Quote of the Month: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”  –Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Music of the Month: Son of Laughter/Chris Slaten. I love this guy and I love his music. Do yourself a huge favor and get his EP. Amazing.

Okay, thanks for getting this far in the newsletter. It’s like finishing a boring marathon where most of the eaters are asleep. Oh, yeah, didn’t you know it was a hot-dog eating marathon?

Peace to you,



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