Gladness and Hunger

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

Frederick Buechner

HT: Scotty Smith


  1. Well, as you know, you are called to many things. Providing for your family is right up close to the top (or you should be, as Paul said, worse than an infidel). You do a lot, Aaron.

    I also work in a job that is not my ideal. But it doesn’t define me. You’re more than an engineer, old chap.

    This quote should, perhaps, be set off with Paul’s words about contentment in whatever situation we’re in.

  2. Yes yes. Good call. The tension for me is in trying to decide when the feelings of discontent are actually a stirring of the same Spirit that provides that un-circumstantial contentment. Could that Spirit be trying to move me through the barricades of fear and comfort and fear of discomfort that I have erected? I think I’ve spent so much time trying to muster up contentment that I’ve forgotten to lean in and listen. Maybe I like grumbling about purpose because it keeps me from having to have one. I’ll have to play you my Golden Boy song soon.

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