Good At Arguing, Bad At Living?

Lately I’ve been feeling and seeing the need to reevaluate what merits arguing about. What is worth fighting for? Lately, there have been a couple of extra-heated internet debates which I’ve tried to stay out of. Some of it is actually encouraging, but some is just unbelievably sad. But it’s made me think about both what is worth arguing about and whether or not most of our arguments are very effective at all.

I feel like the “camp” that I come out of is very good at arguing and fighting, but not very good at living in a constructive, winsome way. Still trying to make sense of this myself. You too? While we do, let’s enjoy this video.


  1. Yeah, I think there are two major issues that we (and those like us) need to figure out:

    1. When is it worth fighting? Sometimes it is. Some things need to be said. Some major issues need to be engaged. But the lack of discernment in this area is frustrating.

    2. What does it look like to fight fair? I know that even in asking the question, I risk being lumped into certain categories. But, the reality is that there are far more wrong ways than right ways to talk about someone else’s point-of-view. When we’re not fair, don’t we (at least in some respects) invalidate our own point?

    Anyway, it’s a lot to process. But at least in this battle, the only opponent is me, myself, and I.

  2. I think you’re all wrong.

    Want to fight about ut?

    The Argument sketch isn’t even the funniest MP sketch…..

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